Organic Lash and Brow Boost (formerly known as Lash Botox)

Organic Lash and Brow Boost (formerly known as Lash Botox) is an amazing

product to have on hand when you are lash lifting. This Lash Conditioning is the

most advanced lash repair and nourishing formula worldwide. The treatment

repairs the damaged or broken eyelash fibers with a powerful concentrate of active

ingredients including Nigella Sativa Oil, Organic Simmondsia Chinesis Oil, Camelina

Sativa Seed Oil and Hydrolized Silk Peptides which moisturize, replenish and repair

lashes from the very first use.

Organic Lash and Brow Boost is specifically designed for the beauty professional

during a lash lift treatment and the product works with all brands of lash lifting.

How to use:

Use a micro brush or lint free applicator and dab the product onto the lashes. Apply

from 1-2 cm from root to the tip. Let sit on lashes from 3-5 minutes and do not over

use. After desired time has passed remove lotion with moist cotton round. Avoid

contact with the skin.

Lash and Brow Boost can be applied after providing lash bath to remove setting

lotion. (Dry lashes first before applying Lash and Brow Boost) or it can be applied

after tinting (dry first)

Feel free to email if you have any questions about Lash and

Brow Boost or any product!

Karin Ivancic